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4th Grade Social Studies Online Textbook Contents

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Social Studies Skills & Methods
Historical Thinking and Skills
Spatial Thinking and Skills
Civic Participation and Skills
Economic Decision Making and Skills and Financial Literacy
Early America and the Ohio Country (1300 B.C. - 1789)
Ohio's Ancient American Indians
Ohoi's Historic American Indians and the Ohio Frontier
American Revolution
United States Constitution
The Northwest Ordinance and Ohio Statehood (1789 - 1815)
Northwest Ordinance
Ohio Statehood and the Ohio Constitution
War of 1812 and Removal of American Indians
American Sectionalism and the Development of Ohio in the United States (1815-Today)
Regions of America and the Question of Slavery
Ohio's Innovations, Transportation Systems and Econ. Dev.
Changing People of Ohio and America
Discover Ohio
Ohio's Astronauts
Ohio's Presidents

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