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Student Reading 3.3: Social and Political Responsibilities

Citizens have social and political responsibilities in a community. To be socially responsible an individual must show sensitivity and understanding to the fundamental needs of all humans. To be politically responsible citizens must vote, obey laws, and become involved in helping the communities flourish.

Social Responsibility

In Cincinnati citizens participate in collecting canned goods, donating seasonal clothes to clothing drives, and volunteer to serve food to the homeless. These are just a few ways that citizens can help the community. In schools across the city, teachers help students learn how to support the local community by being responsible for their own actions, and showing respect to all people.

Political Responsibilities

Adult citizens have many political responsibilities. When a citizen turns 18 years old they are able to register to vote. To vote means to make an official choice. In Cincinnati there are many opportunities to become involved in making the community a better place. People can learn about issues that affect Cincinnati by contacting local agencies. One agency that supports good government without political party affiliations is the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati.

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