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Student Reading 4.2: A Trip to the Bakery

The classroom was buzzing with excitement. Today was the big day! They would be walking up the street to the bakery, and taking a tour. They had been talking about this day for weeks, as they studied economics and learned about businesses. Finally the big day had arrived.

Mrs. Culverson, their teacher, called the students all together. She reminded them that they would be learning about producers, who make things and/ or provide services, and consumers, whose wants are satisfied by using goods and services. “So, in the case of our visit to the bakery, who is the producer?” The students all answered, “The bakers!” “Right, and who are the consumers?” she continued. Annie raised her hand and answered, “The people who buy from the bakery.” “Correct! Let’s go!” Mrs. Culverson said.

They had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful day for the short walk, and the tour of the bakery was fascinating. They watched people rolling out cookie dough, cutting doughnuts out of dough, and icing cakes. They had never thought about all of the different jobs that were going on in one bakery!

Finally, Mrs. Culverson said, “Children, we have one more job to take care of before we leave.” She picked up a tray of freshly baked glazed doughnuts. “Now, we have to be consumers!” The children all cheered as they were each served a delicious doughnut.

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