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Student Reading 4.4: A Field Trip to Findlay Market

As soon as the last bell rang, Katie rushed out of the school to meet her mom in the car line. Mrs. Roark, Katie’s 3rd grade teacher, gave them permission slips today. They must be signed and returned by tomorrow. Katie kept repeating that over and over in her mind. She did not want to forget. The class is going to the oldest public market in Cincinnati. Findlay Market! This trip is part of Mrs. Roark’s economic study. Only students who return their forms can attend. Katie had waited all year for this field trip. Not only do you get to go to the market, but you also get to make purchases from some of the stores. Katie has been saving her change and has saved $8.75.

In the car Katie told her mom all about the trip. Katie has been with her family to the market many times. But this time the purpose is very different. As part of her community service, Katie and her classmates are donating their money to help buy fresh produce for needy families. The families have already been selected and the students will go down with a list and purchase the vegetables and fruits from it. The items will then be delivered to the families.

"Have you thought about the cost and benefit to what you are doing?” Katie’s mom asked. “Oh yes, I have mom!” Katie chimed in. “Mrs. Roark said the cost is the decision that you make and the benefit is who or what your decision is helping. I know that what I purchase will help the children in the families grow strong, and that is far better than me buying another toy.” Katie’s mom smiled. That’s my girl, she thought to herself as they drove away from the school.

Today was the day! Katie’s mom gave her $20.00 more to spend, so she now had $28.75 to go toward helping others. Everyone had returned the permission slips and they were given instructions on what to do. First they would receive the list to purchase the fresh produce, second they would split into groups and shop. At the end they would look at all the items they purchased that will go to help others.

Once at the market they were able to walk through the market with chaperones. Katie remembered the lesson on buyers and sellers. Today she was a buyer. But she also wanted to spend her money wisely. So she went to different vendors in the market to compare prices. Justin another classmate came up to with a bag full of tomatoes, and blueberries. “Look what I bought!” he said. “I even have money left over to buy myself an ice cream!’ Katie thought about that. They were all allowed to buy something for themselves also.

The chaperones told them it was time to finish up their shopping, so everyone could meet outside. Everyone finished up and went outside. The chaperones and the teacher had everyone’s items opened up in beautiful bags. As she walked past each bag she saw strawberries, apples, broccoli, red peppers, blueberries, spinach and tomatoes. Katie couldn’t believe how much fresh produce everyone bought. Justin bought 5 tomatoes and 4 containers of blueberries. Gene and Jermaine bought 2 dozen apples, 5 packs of spinach and 13 red peppers. Nancy, Rosa, Imani and Pedro bought 17 packs of broccoli, 10 containers of strawberries and 3 containers of blueberries. There was so much, she couldn’t keep track. Katie looked in her bag at the items she purchased. She counted 7 apples, 10 tomatoes, and two packs of spinach. Mrs. Roark said you were allowed to donate any left over money to help purchase other items. Katie turned to her teacher and told her she wanted the rest of her money to be donated. Mrs. Roark gently smiled and took the money and gave it to the market worker. It was a great day.

As they started to line up to leave, everyone went to get their ice cream cones. Katie went to get in line but reached in her pocket and forgot she donated the rest of her money to help other families. As she turned to walk away, Justin yelled out, “Katie, don’t forget your ice cream cone!” She turned to see Mrs. Roark holding a cone for her. With a wink and a smile she gave the cone to Katie. Katie learned so much that day. Her cost (decision) was a great benefit to families in need.

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